Having a preference is okay but the prudent thing to do is explore what different vacuums have to offer before deciding. At Stucky’s Vacuum we are very knowledgeable in the different vacuum varieties and can help you choose the best vacuum for you and your home!

Floor & Home Type

If your home has many carpeted areas, an upright vacuum may suit your needs. Hard surfaces can require a vacuum with canister.

The most important aspect of a clean home, is vacuuming frequency. If you have a multi-level home, a big bulky vacuum may keep you from wanting to vacuum. Make sure your vacuum is suited to you and your home before you buy.

Pet Owners

Pet hair requires a vacuum with more aggressive agitation. Because of allergies, pet owners may also need a vacuum with the best filtration. (Not all vacuums treat filtration equally, just because you see a HEPA symbol, don’t assume it’s the best.)

Visit today, to try out a vacuum with great filtration!

Lightweight Vs. Other

Back, shoulder, elbow and wrist pain can be linked to vacuuming with an over-weight vacuum. Many lightweight vacuums do an excellent job without all the bulk, but on the other hand, lightweights are just that and may not be able to handle the tough jobs.

Weigh the Pros and Cons at Stucky’s Vacuum.

Bag Vs. Bagless

Bagless vacuums all have filters and they are usually more expensive than bags.  Bags offer one more layer of filtration.  Bagless vacuums really need to be researched before purchased.  If you have allergies, do not consider bagless because of their filtration and leak dust back into the air. Have knowledgeable people help you and try before you buy!




Always try to buy the best quality vacuum you can afford. Here at Stucky’s Vacuum, you can try out all our models in store, to make sure you get the right vacuum for you and your home.

Recommended Residential Brands


Commercial vacuums are built to be more durable and need less maintenance, because of the need to use them more frequently than a brand made for residential homes. We have what you need at Stucky’s Vacuum.

Recommended Commercial Brands