Cleaning Supplies & Tools

Pet Stains & Traffic Areas

Do you have pet stains, food stains, grease spots or just general dirty traffic patterns? Stucky’s Vacuum carries a variety of cleaning supplies that will help eliminate stains and odors and brighten up your carpets.

What we carry:

  • Lindhaus cleaning chemicals
  • Ultimate Stain Removers
    • Extraxct’aire (organic alcohol detergent)
    • Carpet Protector
    • Super Dry Foam (carpet & rug shampoo)
    • Pet Stain Off (enzyme stain and odor remover)
  • Clausen Chemicals
    • Jet Clean and RX66 for pet stains
    • RX20, RX 75 and RX60

Elky Pro, Lindhaus, Koblenz, Kirby and Hoover are some other lines to make your cleaning needs less of a problem.  Let us help you make that choice!

Wood, Tile, Stone, Laminate Floors

Try the Professional Series Bona Swedish Formula with their microfiber duster and cleaning mop to keep those floors looking like new!  Whatever the cleaning chore is – we can help!!

Soy Candles

We offer up to 75 scents in soy candles made fresh in our store.

Why soy?

They burn cleaner, soot-free and for a longer period of time.  You can choose from votives, tea lights or jar containers.


We also carry electric warmers from Candle Warmers in an array of colors to coordinate with your home.

And yes, we make “soy dumplings” to melt in the warmers.  These warmers are safe to use and the scent throw from the dumplings will fill your home.

Pool Chemicals

Enjoy the comfort of chlorine-free swimming with Baquacil.

Avoid chlorine side effects such as:

  • Dry Hair
  • Irritated Skin
  • Red Eyes
  • Swimsuit fading
  • Fading of Vinyl Pool Liners

You can feel at ease knowing your pool water is better bacteria controlled using Baquacil. With low maintenance, you can have more fun swimming. When you purchase Baquacil chemicals, we offer complimentary water sample testing using our precise Clear 360 computer program.

Spa Chemicals

Keep your spa sparkling clear using Rendezvous line of products. These high quality products balance, sanitize, protect and maintain your investment. Choose from Rendezvous Chlorine, Bromine or BaquaSpa to enjoy you spa year round.